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The Top Keys to Excellence in Life & Business

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Your Attention and Commitment Levels Matter

Are you the type of person then tends to make the most of every moment? If so you probably have a positive attitude. If not, then all this means is that you need to adjust your focus and attention.

Too many people spend time worrying about what will happen next month, or next year, or worse they keep living in the past. When this happens it means that you are not making the most of what you are doing in this Moment, right now!

If you start paying attention to what you are doing today then you will find that your attitude becomes more positive. Instead of worrying about the what if's, you are focusing on right now. This allows you to enjoy the moment and add fun to your life. You will also find that you are more productive and that life feels more fulfilling.

It is way too easy to allow yourself to become distracted. Who hasn't thought at some time of the grass being greener on the other side, and gone chasing it?

It's very easy to spend so much time thinking about what you are going to do tomorrow or the day after. Before you know it the day has gone and you didn't enjoy any part of it.

This doesn't mean that you can't dream, in fact you should but in a different way. You want to follow your dreams by taking positive action to make them become a reality.

As soon as you start taking positive action you are committing yourself to something. How many times have you experienced the satisfying feeling of jumping into a project at warp speed? You were excited and thrilled to be part of actually doing something.

By taking action and following through you are committing yourself to excellence. You have every intention of putting your entire heart and soul into the project or goal until it is accomplished.

If you haven't experienced that feeling then allow yourself the satisfaction of doing so. Just decide and commit to taking some action to reach a specific goal. Your energy levels will immediately increase and this will help propel you forward into action.

No matter what obstacles you face always commit to finding a way around them. This way you will always excel at every task or challenge you take on. Before you know it you will be viewed as a person who is committed to excellence.

The Top Keys to Excellence

If you are striving to lead a life where you excel in everything you do, there are certain keys to help you achieve this. You do want to remember though, that while you can commit to excellence, nobody is perfect. The following are the top key steps you can put into action to help you excel in all areas of your life.

The Key of Integrity - when you display integrity you are demonstrating your personal values by everything that you do and say. A person who shows integrity is said to be a sincere person.

If you want to display integrity then you have to do what you say. Never say one thing and then do something completely different. A sincere person feels wonderful about themselves and this spills over to other people around you. They will begin to trust and respect you and this helps to build fantastic relationships.

The Key of Learning From Your Mistakes - to do this key step successfully you need to look at your failures from a different viewpoint. Start looking at your failures as something that you can learn and grow from.

All this really means is that you have to stop thinking of any failure as a negative thing. Don't put yourself down if you happen to fail at something, remember that at least you made the effort to try.

The next time you fail, look at the steps you took and see what you could have changed to have turned this into a success. As long as you learn something from your failure, then you have truly not failed at all.

The Key of Thinking Before You Speak - how many times have you spoken before you thought about what you were saying? Probably too many times, and you have regretted your quick response.

Spoken words are full of different meanings. It is very easy to speak in a kind and sincere fashion, but it is also easy to speak in anger and hurt another person deeply. These words could become ones that you regret for the rest of your life.

Always consider what you are going to say to someone, especially in a stressful situation. Be mindful of what another person may be going through. It can help to place yourself in their shoes for a minute and look at the situation from a new point of view.

When you think before you speak you will realize if your words will help build confidence in a person, or if you may be putting them down. While it never hurts to give words of advice, do it in a way that doesn't offend someone.

Always speak to others with good intentions in mind. This will help you build a healthy relationship with them. You will also earn their respect and trust, and this is very important.

The Principles of Excellence

If you are striving for excellence in your life then there are nine basic principles of success. By applying these principles you can make a huge difference in your life. Both professionally and personally. Let's take a look at what these principles are.

The first principle is centered around Commitment. Would you say that you are committed in everything you do? If you are learning a new skill, do you spend every minute of your spare time learning it? Do you go the extra mile for yourself and others? If you are truly committed then you should be willing to do what it takes to become successful.

The second principle is based around Truth. Are you truly honest with yourself and with those around you? To follow the path of excellence is a must have quality.

The third principle is that of Excellence itself. You need to demand perfection of yourself at all times. Of course nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. But you can be the best person you possibly can by following the pursuit of excellence.

The fourth principle is that of Results. Who doesn't like to win? It is not the act of winning that is important. Instead it is the effort you put forth into attempting to win which is what counts.

This brings us to the fifth principle which is Passion. Your passion should inspire you to be the best you possibly can at all that you do. This means both at work and at home.

Our sixth principle is Habit. While it really isn't that hard to develop a habit, many people have major trouble with this. On average it only takes 3 weeks of regular commitment to ingrain a habit into you. A habit is simply an action that you do on a repetitive basis. Many of the things you already do are habits. You change your clothes before going to bed, you wash your hands after visiting the bathroom and you don't think twice about brushing your teeth each morning.

The seventh principle is the one of Mental Toughness. By this we mean being willing and able to get back up after you have been knocked down. So in essence you are not a quitter.

The eightieth principle is that of Discipline. In this instance discipline means being able to train yourself by following instructions or through repeating exercises. Set yourself simple rules that you can follow to the best of your ability.

The ninth principle is Perseverance. This is often referred to as the one trait that identifies successful people. You just keep on gong despite all the odds until you have reached your goals.

Overcoming Fears in Order to Excel

Do you want to excel in life? Who doesn't and one of the best ways to achieve this is by overcoming your fears. It is usually your fear of not succeeding that holds you back in life. Are you ready to now overcome that fear and finally commit to being excellent in all your endeavours?

Honestly, how many goals do you have that have been left unfinished? Why do you think this is? The answer is most likely due to fear. You may be scared that you will not achieve what you set out to do. Or you may be fearful of what other people might think. This is a problem that you need to overcome if you ever want to be successful in life.

Goals and dreams that have been left untouched often fade into the distance and become nothing but a memory. Is this really the way you want to live your life?

Isn't it time to step up and take action and reach just one of those goals? Of course it is!

The first step to overcoming your fears in order to excel is to write down your goals. Then choose one to work on first. But it doesn't end there. You now need to have a plan of action and you must follow it through.

If this section seems overwhelming, just take one step at a time day by day. It is important to commit to yourself that you will take some type of actionable step each day, no matter how small.

It can often help to think of reaching your goals by accepting a challenge. How many times have you been challenged by a friend and you immediately put in extra effort? Apply these same principles to your goals.

To overcome your fear you need to have the desire to truly reach the end result. Once your desire is strong enough your fear will dissipate and you will excel.

The fear of not succeeding can feel like an immense weight is hanging on your shoulders. Lighten the load by taking the small steps, we mentioned above on a daily basis. Each time you take action commend and praise yourself. Before you know it your load will feel much lighter.

Once you have excelled by reaching that first goal, don't stop. Set yourself a new goal and put your best effort into reaching it again. Your confidence will grow and your mindset will be committed to excellence for all of your endeavours.

Letting Go of Bad Habits

If you truly want to be successful in life then there are certain habits and traits that you need to give up. Of course this is easier said than done, but if you are determined to commit to excellence it is something you will have to do.

Successful people display certain traits and one of these is that they don't allow criticism to affect them. It really is so easy to let what others think of your actions get to you. Quite often this is the reason why you give up on your goals, because you were told you wouldn't achieve it.

Another trait or habit is that of not giving up when things go wrong. You have heard the saying that you should learn by your mistakes. So when something goes wrong, view this circumstance in a positive way. Think about what you can learn from your experience.

In order to succeed and excel you need to learn how to be decisive. This applies to all that you do, whether in your business or in a relationship. You have to identify what it is that you want, set a goal and then take actions so you can move forward. Remove the old habit of being indecisive.

Another bad habit that will have to be extinguished is that of procrastination. If you keep on waiting for the 'right time' you could be waiting forever. Stop waiting for the opportune moment to take action and just get started.

The next habit to break is the one of being fearful of what and where your actions may take you. Too many people are scared of success, even though they say they want it like crazy! Stop hiding from your problems and face them head on.

One habit that fear is often related to is the one of making excuses. An excuse provides you with an easy way out, it only sets you back. So stop blaming your actions on your kids, on your job or because you are too tired. If you truly want to excel and be successful then get working on it.

As you begin to let your bad habits go, new ones will take their place. These newer habits will empower you to be successful with your goals and your life. Remember that each new day presents you with a wonderful opportunity. If you learn to embrace this concept you will be more successful than you ever thought possible.

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>>> Download This Post Into a PDF & Read It Later <<<

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